Hello my friends, and welcome to my

blog, let me explain who I’m and why I

decided to..

Create this vehicle that will take you and I on the most fantastic journey of our lives. I started out as an ambitious kid. I had a wagon, a Radio Flyer, and I would collect soda bottles, when it was loaded, I would pull the wagon home, to my staging area where I would than proceed to wash the bottles. After which I would separate them into large and small.

The small paid 2 cents and the large 5 cents. One haul would net me about $1.40 to $1.50. after two hauls, I would treat myself to something sweet and set in front of the Acme Market where I had cash the bottles in. I notice many of the ladies struggling with there bags to get to cars that were parked in the back of the store. I started to ask if I could help them, and to my surprise I got a lot of yes, sure.

In half the time it took me to collect and wash the bottles I made twice as much. Well It goes with out say, the bottle business was on the back burner. My next venture was a paper route, and a while after that when in high school I worked as a porter part-time in a grocery store, where I learned a very important lesson. I use to hate to here my name called over the PA system, Ted Coates mop in isle 4. I resented it so much that I would take my time getting there. One today this old gentleman notice the reluctance that I was going about my job and he said young man, might I speak to you for a minute, I said yes.

He proceed to tell me why he always shopped in this store, he said it’s away clean, and that made him feel good, and I was the most important person in the store and the great Job I did made it that way. Managers didn’t do it nor the clerks, but it was my responsibility and it was an Important job. Well from that day on I took pride in what I did there and every other job I had since. After high school I spent 3 years in the Army during Vietnam. When I returned home, I was married and had a daughter, the most beautiful little girl you ever saw. After trying the Grocery store for a while as a stock clerk, I knew I was beyond that. My Father owned a family Moving business. I had worked with them from time to time, real bull work. I knew that wasn’t me either. I worked in the shipyard in the office, great money, but I had my mind set on other things. I was going to college part-time and working on the moving truck on the weekends. One day we were moving this guy and he had just built this new house, there was something about his style that caught my attention , so I ask him, what kind of job he had. He told me he was a claims adjuster for an insurance company. I ask what it took to become an adjuster and he told me that they looked for people with a degree and he kind of look at me like, look kid this is not for you. I thanked him and smiled what he didn’t know is I had finished two years toward my degree and was working hard on my third. Long story short, I got a job with one of the largest insurance companies as a claims adjuster. After four years of that, I move into sale of consumer products for a pharmaceutical company.

During my time there I manage to take some additional classes, one being Real Estate. I really thought I was taking it for personal knowledge, but everyone was so excited about taking the state examine, so I said why not. Passed it the first time. I found A Broker sponsor and in the first year I made more money, company car included then I made on my regular job. After the second year the powers to be found out about my Part-time real estate job and I was told should consider giving it up to concentrate on my Corporate career. I told them I would consider it. They let me alone for another year and, they were backing again, only this time they gave me an ultimatum either do it or resign.

They did this on a Friday morning at breakfast. If I said no they would follow me home take my samples and the company car on the spot. My alternative was to sign a paper that I would turn in my real estate license. What to do? What to do? Well after they follow me home and drove away with my transportation, I walked about 3 miles that seem like 30 to where my wife was working to get the only car we now had. I tried to look as natural as possible walking into her office. She looked at me and said what’s wrong? What happen? Dam am I that obvious. Well after some words of encouragement she handed over the keys and I was off to inform my Broker that he now had another full time agent.

My Broker was a guy by the name of Hyman Adler, He was one the best men who ever came into my life. When I told him what had happen his face lit up and he grabbed me and hugged me and said my boy that’s the best thing they could have done for you. I was thinking Oh really! Well I went to work; at the end of three years I got my Brokers license, and became an associate broker and within three years after that I became sales Manager. He taught me the business from A to Z including how to buy at Auctions. Time Had passed and Hyman was in his 80’s and still going strong, but he must have sensed something. He started talking about retiring and we cut a deal and I purchased the Business. He and I shared an office for about a year or so and he passed away. I purchased a real estate franchise and grew the Company from 15 agents to over 100. I have downsize it now, but in 37 years in the Business it’s the only Real Estate company I have ever been associated with. That’s me, as you can see this is not my first rodeo.