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In your experience of setting up a new computer or tv, you may have been asked to make a choice as to using the customize program of a default setting that has been pre-designed for you. The customize option allows you to design and program it to operate the way you want it to and the advantage of all that the program offers. When you opt-in and use the default program, you are limiting yourself to what someone who has no idea of what your needs, goals, and objectives are.

The most successful people in the world choose to have a life by design.  They realize that anything worth having is worth taking the time and effort to design and make it theirs.

Learning to Design Your Life

Knowing that there is nothing new under the sun, take from your experiences, read and learn from stories of the successful.  Invest in training in the area you choose.  Sort through all the information and find what fits you.  Use this information to help design the plan for your life and success.

The big advantage of designing your plan is that when something goes wrong. You will be able to put your hands on it quickly and fix it.  In my opinion, the first place to begin is with one’s self.  Examine your thoughts, your beliefs.  Find out who you really are. Next, determine what it is that you want and why you want it. How will it make a difference in your life and the life of others?

We don’t live on an island, and we cannot make our lives better without making the lives of others better as well.  Developing our faith and belief.  Once we develop our faith and belief in what we are doing and devote the time and effort to make it work no matter what it takes.

There is a price to pay in time, effort, and sacrifice.  Take courses, research the subject matter, and understand the business you are in. There is no free lunch the sooner you realize this, the sooner and smoother your journey will be.

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