Life Changing

Separation Between God and Man

Ernest Holmes

The world seeks a solution of its great riddle — the apparent separation between God and man; between life and what it does; between the invisible and the visible; between the Father and the Son — and until this riddle is solved, there can be no peace.

Peace is an inner calm, obtained through man’s knowledge of what he believes and why. Without knowledge, there is no lasting peace. Nothing can bring peace but the revelation of the individual to himself and a recognition of his direct relationship to the Universe. He must know that he is an eternal being on the pathway of life, with certainty behind him, certainty before him, and certainty accompanying him all the way.

Peace is brought about through a conscious unity of the personal man with the inner principle of his life — that underlying current, flowing from a divine center, pressing ever outward into expression. But this can never come by proxy. We can hire others to work for us, to care for our physical needs, but no one can live for us. This we must do for ourselves.

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