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Spirit, Revealing Itself as Wholeness

In the May 2021 issue of Science of Mind magazine, Rev. Dr. David Alexander paints a picture of what is required to turn a vision into a reality. His example is his own bramble-filled yard, where he and his wife, Patience, planned to host their wedding. He uses this as an example of the responsibility each of us must accept for what’s in our own yard, individually, and in the common soil we share.

“It starts with a vision, in our case a beautiful ceremony in our backyard,” he says. “But having the vision is not enough. It requires the unceasing tending to the ground upon which the vision will rest. It requires a wholly holy uprising to remove that which would obstruct the fulfillment of the vision.”

Working for social justice and healing in America demands facing the sometimes hard, sometimes brutal truth about our shared history. To embark on a wholly holy uprising is predicated on healing the generational trauma of slavery and colonialism.

“While we are teaching people to take responsibility for their consciousness,” Alexander says, “we also must teach what that means in terms of healing generational trauma — 400 years of trauma.”

He adds, “Accepting our task to heal the social ills that plague our collective experience is nothing short of accepting our own wholeness — a journey from which there is no turning back. There ought not to be any need to shy away from this holy task. After all, the only desire of Spirit is to reveal Itself as wholeness.”

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