The importance of Thinking and Problem Solving



I remember seeing a sign that read” Thinking is the hardest thing we do, that is why so few do it”.

Thinking requires first that we listen and comprehend what is being spoken as well as the unspoken. It requires a keen sense of perception and psychological skills. It is important to recognize and understand what is being said or ask.

If you must solve a problem a large part of the process calls for thinking outside the box, in some cases eliminating the box altogether. Too often we allow our past learning or experiences to get in the way of solving new problems.

The world is changing fast, what worked last year or last week may never work with new day problems. When persisting with old solutions it becomes stressful, making us sick and frustrated. Trying To solve a problem with the same method that created it, seldom works.

Managing Your Emotions

Our emotions set the stage for our success or failure, we need to be our own cheering squad and self-motivator. I remember a job interview years ago, I was asked, did I consider myself a self-starter, or did I feel more comfortable having someone be there to get me started and approve my work. (Trick question for sure) It was a sales job and you worked from home.

The more independent we are and think, the faster we grow. Our emotions affect the way we think and respond, emotions can stop thinking in its tracks. We need to keep our feeling and attitude in check.

We should be self-motivated and committed to our success in our personal lives and let it carry over to our work. During my first year of college, I enrolled in a logic class and it has had one of the largest effects on my life of any course study, I think it should be required in high school. It helps improve my thinking process tenfold.


To Your Success and Thinking


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